Sunday, September 23, 2012

..a short one!

A trip to Mora this weekend to visit our daugter and on the way home..... Stop! 
...a quiltshop.....
 And of course......I  filled the fabric stock with some lovely fabrics.
 It can still dry in the pale fall sun.

  Yes...fall is here ..... 
but a few flowers are still struggling to catch blossom and show its magnificence :)

Happy Quilting!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

New projekts!

Last Friday I had a journalist in my studio. Pretty exciting!

Emma Rodling from our local newspaper Östersundsposten 
wanted to do an interview, among other things, on the occasion of the exhibition in Birmingham.
It's always a bit scary to see how the article will be.  
..... and whoops it was bigger than I could imagine.

You can see for yourself at:  De bästa ideerna får jag när jag springer.

........... now it's nice to just be and enjoy the beautiful days.
The garden takes care of itself now that it's moving towards autumn ... will be a more relaxed pace.

And when I relax and run .....creativity flows!

My brothers daughter is having a I started up with a sixth triangle quilt .
Sunny warm colors!

....and a Glam Garland quilt. I saw it at
I sort of like Elisabeth Hartmans modern style.

All this fun stuff while my project with chairs matures
and fabrics to be dyed .... it requires some thinking to be done.

Happy Quilting!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

What a day!

I've had a creative day! 

There has been an idea for months that it was time to tackle.
 I picked up small simple sketches that I've done before, and continued to sketch more.
 I studied many different ways and angles.

I'm on to chairs again!

Colours then? 
 What colors should I use this time?

 Yellow as a base? Well, then I have to dye some fabric ....... go ahead!

........but there are many other nice colors ...... yellow .. orange ... green ..

                         ........or these lovely blue .. green... turquoise ... warm yellow...rust....

I'll have to think about both the design and colors for a while! :)

Happy Quilting!