Sunday, December 12, 2010

Merry Christmas

                                       I love Christmas!

      This dark country need .... all the ligths, Christmas tree, good food and joy with family and friends.
                                       Our children are coming home...I long for them!
                        Outside it's freezing cold and the snow is like a soft blanket over the landscape.
                                             The sun hardly rise over the horisont.
                        And it's sooo beautiful.....I'm so greatful to live in this amazing place!

                                          My mother is a great mother and she really can knit.
                         She makes sure that all children and grandchildren have warm hands and feet.
                                          The colors and pattern are beautiful. Thanks mum!
                            I wonder if there are some soft Christmas presents under the tree this year?

                                                    Our garden is sleeping under the snow.

         I have been alone at home a great deal of time this weekend..... Husband away playing countrymusic.
         I find it so peaceful to be alone with my own thougts....the house is completely silent..I hear my own 
                             I started the day with yoga....fill my body with energi and power.
                        And....something happens to the brain tooo.....ideas....designs....colors....
                                                 It's called FLOW!...and happens now and then.

                 Is it perhaps a longing for spring?'s to early...but...if I start now maybe it's finished
                                                           when the sun melts the snow.

              WELL....thank heaven for Christmas... I wish you all a A MERRY, MERRY CHRISTMAS!

                                                             LOVE and HUGS MARGRETH