Sunday, January 25, 2015

Great weekend!

Some weekends are greater than others...but what makes it so great?

Well, this is some of my best wishes!

A lovely winter day.....the sun is there, but so soft....
...the snow is cold.....

The snow sparkles and the ski trail leads out into nature.
A few hours in the sun and lovely exercise gives energy to sew and create something new in the studio.

Back at home, after a shower......and a cup of coffee.

The progress on my ''Curvy ladies'' is slow .... the top is ready but I would love to work with the surface to get the quilt expression more exciting.
 I've used fabric paint and splash and dripped onto the fabric. Scary ... it was difficult to control the outcome.

I have to do some thinking before

 Why not make some flower arrangements?

 I've bought a large armful of tulips, cherry twigs, bamboo and bulbs.
It's so much fun to use various vases and bowls
 and make small floral artwork. 
Working with color and shape and feel that spring
is coming soon enough. 

This is the result ..... standing on the table with a table top made of concrete that I did last summer.

Happy Quilting!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A new year!!

A new year is here!!!!
....and I really look forward to what it brings.

See a baby grow...

Selma is laying on her quilt.....adorable feet.

I promised you pictures of Selmas quilt...and now there's light  enough to take pictures.......oh, this dark country! 
But I think I can imagine that the light has 
come back a little, little tiny bit.

This time I choose green, red and blue colors. 
Some Kaffe Fassett fabrics joined with 
several other designs.

Some applique and stitching to make
  the finishing touch.

I used left overs to the back and quilted on machine.

Here are some details!

There's a lot of pictures taken this weekend....'s no wonder if Selma want to flee the field.

See you around!