Monday, November 14, 2016

My latest work

It has been an eventful fall and a lot of work, but now it's really time to show
 my latest piece of work
It's my third quilt on the theme women.
 Since I've been surrounded by pregnant women in the past year, it was an inspiring and natural theme.
 It's so beautiful and wonderful when a child is on the way.

A miracle!

The quilt is called

 We carry life

The quilt  measures 37x46 inches and is made of cotton fabric.

I think the pictures speak their own language. 
More than words!

Have a peek!

......women, round bellies, seeds and light.

 Women also take great responsibility for our globe.

There's a lot for all of us to engage ourselves in for our children, grandchildren
 and their future here on earth.

...and here are some close pictures of details.

Happy quilting!

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Sunderbyn, classes and exhibition

It's two weeks ago....time flies!
Rikstäckets annual meeting took place in Sunderbyn, Luleå.
 I had the privilege to teach two classes. So fun! 
An exhibition with my quilts and Katarina Evens works were shown in the gallery.
 The exhibition lasted during Sunderbyn Craft week
  Margareta Thelander also showed great quilts.

My students made some lovely chairs!


The students sew the first chair based on the my sketch and then they sew
 along their own sketches and ideas. You all showed a lot of creativity!

In the gallery!

It was a great room with a lot of light!
I showed eight quilts and Katarina Evens showed great clothes made of natural materials and with fine details and embroideries. 
She also works with recycling of materials which we quilters should use more than we do.
That is how it was when the first quilts where made!
 I'm in the beginnig of using more of old fabrics and clothes.

This is from the left,
 Curvy ladies, We carry life and Catwalk hanging from the ceiling.

Katarinas lovely clothes!

..and look at this details! 
So lovely!

Thanks Katarina for cooperation, you are a great artist!
I wish you good luck in your future work!

In my next post I'll show you more of my latest work.

Happy Quilting!

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Great fun!

It has been a great fall...with a lot of work and joy as well.
I have a lot to tell you!

Quilts has been made and classes held in Quiltköping and Sunderbyn!

First I tell you about the great event in Quiltköping. 
Gunilla Plesner is a fantastic lady who organice this event in Lidköping called Quiltköping.

A Great event for us quilters...a lot of shopping,exhibitions and classes!

And I had the privilege to be invited as a teacher this year.

This event took place in september and I had two classes.
 Sew a chair is a class practicing to sew from a simple sketch without templates and specified dimensions. A sort of free manner to form a block, in this case a chair. 
The ladies in my class managed to sew all these chairs!

Great work!

 My second class considered how to transfer an image to fabric.The students worked  concentrated to transfer their images to fabric using a kind of medium.
 An exciting project that does not always succeed based on the image and paper quality.

But there were a lot of interesting results.

 An exampel from the exibition is Ulva Ugerups amazing small textile pictures of  ladies.
 Small lovely work with funny, determined, angry yet positive messages.

 I love them!!

Until next post..

Thanks to all my students, you were great!!!

Happy Quilting!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

A new project!

The sun is shining, sweat dripping and I sit indoors and sew. 
That's nuts!
 But sometimes you have no choice, things must be done!

I apparently have at least a little character!!!!!

This simple sketch is the start of my next project.
 As you may know, I have been surrounded by pregnant women in the past year and it leaves its marks....two newborn in the family this year!!!

...and my brain started to see a theme and plan a quilt!

I've done some progress, despite many small interruptions when
 the desire to do other things takes over. 
For example, playing with Selma, swim and enjoy the garden.

 My husband also wants some attention !!!

There's still a lot of work to be done and I will show you more later on!

Enjoy summer....I will!!


Saturday, July 9, 2016


Two weeks at this island without fabrics, sewingmashine and quilts was.....fantastic!
You may not believe it but it is possible.
 We have enjoyed being with children and grandchildren, swimming in the sea,
 long walks and good food.

Fabulous days!

But now we are back home and great things happens.
After a few hours at home we got a new grandchild!!! 
A boy..our third grandchild!

Well..that means at least one thing..I now have two quilts to make!
One for Aksel born in may and one for Anton.

So..get started!

I've bought loads of fabrics and I always wash them to get rid of some chemicals.
 I put up a clothing line in the garden because it was so nice weather. 

It was beautiful in my garden with all the fabrics blowing in the wind.

The fabrics dried in a few minutes....and then... is possible to iron out in the sun as well!!

Here are some of all new fabrics, ready to be used for new projects.
Quilts for my grandchildren Aksel and Anton. 
But before that, I'll start with a wall piece to be shown at an exhibition later this year.
 I tell you more about that later on.

Enjoy the summer!

Saturday, May 28, 2016

A finished quilt!

Hi there! quilt with coltsfoot is finished! It did take a while but what's the hurry? 

Big, important things happen!

Since my last post I've become a grandmother again. A little boy called Aksel.

 Who has the time to sew then?

....but a small quilt to Aksel is in my mind! is the quilt inspired during this lovely spring.

It started with a simple sketch and my  longing for spring.

And then.....

A quilt that breathe a freshness with cool blue background 
and the wonderful warm coltsfoot of my favorite flowers!

The quilt measure 28x28 inches and is quilted on mashine.

I've embroidered circles to get an movement and an expressive background. extreme close-up!

The back is pretty exciting too!

Well...I hope you don't have to wait so long for my next blog post ... 
I have ideas and soon the school holidays are here.

 It's hopeful!

See you soon!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

While waiting for spring!

Snow falls in large amounts and hides all signs of spring.
Just a little dripping from the ceiling!

It's nice out there in the snow but it is also great to spend time in the studio.
 If spring is absent, it's nice to make something that remind me of spring.....
 and the first lovely flowers. 

Tussilago in Swedish and coltsfoot in English!
One of my favorites!

I sewed the blocks together and this is the result so far!

A small quilt in bright yellow, orange and blue to purple low valume fabrics.
It measures about 30x30 inches.

As usualI I have been working freely and built my quilt from a simple sketch.
My idea to continue this project is to keep working with different stitches
all over the surface to bring something more exciting to the design.

How it will look like is not clear, but I'm working on it!

Something like this? I said ...I'm working on it! be continued!

Happy Quilting!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Climb a mountain!

I want to show you how amazing beautiful it is in the Swedish mountains.
 Last week I went with my siblings on skis four days in the mountains.

One of our goals was to climb a mountain called Sylarna in Jämtland.

We had an unbelievable luck with the weather, sun from a clear blue sky and no wind.

 The conditions were fantastic.

So..just go for it!
We first went on skis as far as possible and then changed  to crampons
 to climb the last part.

 It was very exciting and fun!

The reward for all the hard work was breathtaking! 

Outdoor experiences is unbeatable and I have great memories
 from our tour together.

Thank you all siblings and Lajjen for a nice mountain hike!

And now....filled with energi....

..time in the studio to make some quilts!


Friday, January 8, 2016

A new project

I told you in my last post that I've got an idea...a new quilt! 

Those of you who followed me over the years know that I have a special relationship with Coltsfoot (Tussilago). Do you remember these quilts?


Baskets - with Tussilago!

Red cotteges - with Tussilago!!

... and these spring flowers have appeared on several quilts now and then!

Detail from Red cottages this new projekt!

I started up with a simple sketch. Thinking about colors..yellow of course...but how
 about the background?

I'm not the one who plan too much .... I'm restless and want to try how the pattern
 and design will turn out. Can it be sewn? Some templates need to be made.
 What fabrics will be fine? Lucky me to have a huge collection of fabrics!

This is my first block coming up......

....and a finished block.

I sewed a few blocks and started to put them up on my design wall.

 It's a start but I have some ideas to improve the design.

 Right now it is too flat and boring for my taste.
...tomorrow I try my ideas...... be continued!

Happy Quilting!