Sunday, July 31, 2011

It's a question of layout!

All blocks are finished.....despite vacation and a lot of work in the garden. But late, long and ligth nordic evenings are good in the summer .....already midnight?
This projekt has been a long "slow sewing process" although the block are simple and fast to do.


 It must be the fantastic summer when the most interesting things to do is outdoors. I once brought my sewing machine out in the garden....but wasn't a good idea!

I  can long for a hole day sewing ....... where are the rainy days? Uups.....don't even think it, they will come anyway!

Well, the blocks are on the designwall....but doesn't it look a little bit boring?

I think it need something to make it more interesting.
How about this?

Something happend!

Or this?

I think the bright pink colour is right.

Maybe like this?

There are surely a lot of options, I have to pick one!

This is one of the charming and fun part of working with quiltdesign, don't you think?

Happy Quilting!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Where I sew

I visited Pink Chalk Studio and read about Kathys appeal to let us show our sewing room or place.
It's so fun looking and be inspiered about all fantastic places where quilts are made. Rooms where we dream, plan and create wonderful things.We stach fabrics in many various ways more or less organized.
Our rooms are more or less tidy, and sometimes a chaos. I think it doesn't matter how it look, each sewing room mirrors the creator and that's charming.

 Quiltstudio 22 is my place since two years when we build our house, and I had my dream come own studio!

What I like most about my studio is the light and space. The view is fantastic and here is all I need to sew or just dream and plan the next "masterpiece". Most of my fabrics are stored in boxes and organized by colors.


The computer is a  valuable tool did we manage whitout it?

This is how it look in my studio when it is as most creativ :)

I love all my things!

This is the newest in the studio, a shelf with my favorite books!
The next step will be a sink where I can dye and paint fabrics.

Happy Quilting!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Something Blue

I have always liked blue...... in clothes, home interior and quilts of course!

       It struck me one day that I haven't sewn in blue for ages!
a quick peek in the fabric boxes and...yes, there were a lot of blue oldies :)

Now..I had to figure out what to do.

A stack of fabrics, stripes and colors in a book is inspiring.

I feel like something quick and easy........

I started up and after a while this block took place!

I share it with you :)

First of all cut the fabrics like this....I use cm...
 but I'm sure you can easily convert to inch.


Sew together!

and cut!

 Then you have a block I haven't seen before...have you?

They are easy and fun to go for it!

...and as it often happens when something is fun :) forget time..and...

Oops..that's not the best photo!

Well.... I have some more work to and inspiering!
I'll be back later on.

If you try to sew this..please share it with me!
Happy Quilting!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Something old.. part two

This is the story of how naughty children can make a parent happy!
We have three grown up....and this happend in 1995.

It's spring and time for spring cleaning in the area where we lived. Therefore they had ordered a container in which everyone could throw their trash.

A dangerous playground for children which I specifically told the children. You mustn't play there!

But dangerous is exiting....and the children they go....and had a look!

After a while three very happy excited kids came home pulling a big sack.
They looked so happy!
It turned out that the bag contained a wonderful patchwork quilt!

.........who could throw something like that?..a mystery for us who know the value of such work.


I know nothing about history!
But...look at the boarder...... marvelous blue fabric!

The quality of the quilt is very good ... the colors are kept well and the fabrics too.
Lovely cotton fabrics!

The back is like many old quilts made of a rough fabric...and the stitching is very well done considering how thick the quilt is.
Another fantastic work! it ended?
Well...who can ban children who makes your day!
They knew exactly what their mum would say!
I love you! ...but never....

Happy Quilting!