Sunday, February 27, 2011

Fruit Sallad!

There has been a while since last. I haven't been lazy but doing other things than sew.
Work of husband ( needs some attention)...seeing friends and all that makes life worth living.

Today, it has been some activity at Studio 22. As you know, I have increased my collection of Kaffe Fasset fabrics. Lovely stuff! I also purchased his book Quilts en Provence and found his pattern Fruit Sallad Quilt nice.  Sooooo......

  This is what happend today!

                                                         Cutting, cutting and more cutting!

This is a never know how it will develop. I finally could use my design wall, this projekt needs
it.....mowing the fabrics all over to find the right place to make the quilt sparkle. 

The last word is not said!

I'm going to play a lot!
Margreth :)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

A golden oldie!

              Saturday....great weather...sunny...and a lot of snow. We went for a rather long ski trip.
                                  Then good food, a glas of wine and then...good night.      
                                           This spring fever makes me CRACY!

Well... Today I figured out that if I work sustaining all day without resting then I have to stay awake. 
                          Such as....baking bread...  the laundry....clean the house...iron....and...
                                            Puh..makes me tired just writing about it!

                        Yes,... I did all this and more......and I'm still  awake and spirited. :)

         When I was cleaning the floor in the entrance I saw some old quilts laying on the wardrobe. Well...I had to shake the dust off. Doing that I discovered that I made the quilt with tulips 17 years ago!
                                                       That's a golden oldie!!
                              The tough angel is made by Stina...Kviltstina. I just love it! :)

 I was cleaning the Studio too....a lot of threads, fabrics and dust.....and as every time I go there I make
                                 plans. Maybe I start cutting my Kaffe Fasset fabrics this evening.....

                                                          Provided I don't fall asleep!   


Sunday, February 6, 2011


Is it possible to feel springfever already! I'm not sure of that.... Most people is full of energi..cheerful and frisky. I want to be all that ...but....some of us is a different kind. ......TIRED....JASP!
Well.....I train three-four evenings a Sounds fun...or?
So how is my work in the studio progressing? Answer....not a lot!

But if you not sew you can in all cases make plans.....
Lena Linderholm is an artist who use wonderful, bright colors that makes me feel happy when I see it.
Less tired!
I have some of her work at home. Lovely colors and a rather naiv impression that I appreciate.
A smell of Provence.....I have some French fabrics in a drawer....maybe another quilt to be done?

Well....I have three quilts to finish. My last one....baskets and coltsfoots ( Tussilago, farfara) is finished to quilt. I just have to figure out how? ....some thinking to do!

                                     FINALLY........I want to say WELCOME! to all new followers.
                                            I'm so happy that you find my blogg worth following!

                                                                    MARGRETH :)