Sunday, February 19, 2012

A peek...

Here's a small peek of my ongoing project Cat Walk. I'm pretty happy so far.
Some fabric paint...border.....quilting...

 ....but a little stressed.
The quilt will hopefully be finished next weekend........ out at the last minute as usual. more for now.

Happy Quilting!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


                                 I've had a cold .....runny red nose and fever.
It's really boring sitting under a blanket and blunt look at the uninteresting TV programs.
Soooo... I picked up my crocheting .....  the scarf is done but I need a matching cap.
 A cap with grandma's squares?
I remember that my friends raised their eyebrows when I told them about my project.
   But now it's finished!
                                                     Not to bad!                                                   

Happy Quilting

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sew-work out!

It's too frezing cold to what to do. I need my work out!
Soo how....
I have a great idea!
My Pilates ball!
I got it for Christmas from my daughter ... she knows what a mother needs!

Said and done .. and it worked really really well! To sew while practicing your inner muscles and stabilize the body works. 

I recommend you to try it!

....and a bit pushups!

......a  little situps .... puh ... and then you can sit at the sewing machine for a while again.
Then some training .......and so on!

Go for it!

Happy Quilting