Sunday, August 29, 2010

A new project!

YES! I managed to spend a great deal of time in the studio today. I love makes me feel the FLOW....
I  finished a top..a present..and started a new project.

CHAIRS.......I like chairs...all kinds of chairs. One day when I was running this idea came chairs!
It's one of many ideas that ¨pops up¨ when I'm's great running.

This is my first block. How does it look? I don't know what the progress is...I have to think about it during the week. was fun, fun to sew..there is more to come, be sure of that!
I want every chair to look individual..shape..expression..color.
 My way to make the block is..     FUN AND EASY!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Back to work!

Well.. Summer holidays are over and I'm back to work. Puuh..I'm not used to it!
I  like my work as a teacher... love the's just that it takes time from quilting. But...that's life!
I have to organize......because I want to spend time in the studio.

It sure has been a  long wonderful summer full of things that I love to do! THANKS!

I luckely managed to spend some time in the studio this weekend.....working on a new quilt...Yes, I think it will turn out quite good... Hmmm...... I show it later on!
I also looked at some finished quilts about this one!

This is one of the most joyful quilt I have ever done! I made it standing up all the time. straight lines...sewing..cutting...sewing and so on. It was so FUN!

I made it after a postcard with a lithografy made by the artist Ingrid Roth.
She makes pictures that are easy to transform to patchwork.
The quilts size is 47x63 inch.

And..I'm so happy about your to read them! Thanks to all of you!
 I do my best to get back to you in one way or another.

See you! Margreth

Saturday, August 14, 2010


I talked to a dear quilt friend this morning. It was a long time ago, Louise D ! She said one thing......( among others) ... - I like angels, you know! And so do I.
So...... later on I took a deep look in my stack of quilts and found some old treasures.
Oh, this one... and this....I remember.
Many years ago my work took almost all my energi and I had no strength left to sew. I think this quilt was the only one for almost two years!!!! I must have had something in my mind when I made this one.

                                                             HAVE A LOOK!

Fortunately I have been sewing a lot since then! Angels with several expression and style.

This is more like hmm.... whacky angels.


                                                              Sort of romantic ones!

Thank you Louise D for the inspiration!

Friday, August 6, 2010


RED COTTAGES is quilted and bound! 

It is a fantastic feeling and relief when you can put it up on the wall and study the result. It's a bit of a process to decide when it's ready. More quilting? Embroydery? Embellishment? Another color in that part...hmmmmm.

 Well, I's finished!

The quilt is send to the Swedish Quilt Association, Rikstäcket,  to be photographed for next years almanac.
That's an honor!

Here are some details!

I used embroydery thread in the mashine to highlight shapes in the design.

When I sew a quilt like this I make a rough sketch of the design. I deside color theme and then make some drawings of houses. 

 I start cutting!  I build the quilt .......     I think it is very amusing and fun to work freely!

And surely  it makes the quilt personal!

You can see a little of the process at my blogg post 16 of  june!

Monday, August 2, 2010

A favorit place

We have a favorit place in the family....a summer house in Öregrund at the see...east side. It is an old house with a big garden. It really is wonderful! There is lavendel, appletrees, plums and a hammock for lazy days.
It is so quiet and also lively with restaurants, music and shops in the city.
Here I can find inspiration for new designs, name it! A lot of photos are taken!

A LOT OF LOVELY HOUSES!         Thats something for me who love to quilt houses.     

Well..... I couldn't help make two more stitcheries from Garden Journal. There is something about stitcherie..sort of FUN!