Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Here I am!

I'm kind of busy.... working, training and prepareing the garden and the house for the winter.
In the studio there are quilts to be finished and new one to be designed.
Maybe something for Christmas? Hmmm...Or?
I looooong for fall holiday!

Here's a glimps of a small quilt called "A housewifes dream "

I named it befor seewing......
Do you recognice the filmstars?
Another one to be finished.....puuuh!

This is FUN!!

I'm happy to have my quilt "Red cottages" in Rikstäckets (Swedish Quilt Association) calendar 2011.


Speaking of spring!

Isn't this a dream?  Soon winter.... In our winter garden there are lemons and figs!!!!
I hope they will ripe in time? I'm not sure!
They desperatelly need sun!

See you!  Margreth

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Roundabout dogs

Oh...where did this week go? Sometimes time flies faster than my quiltangel and I've not been in the studio for several days. But...I bought fabrics to four quilts to be bound!
                                               FOUR.....QUILTS to finish. PUUUH..

Today I have been washing windows...befor snow comes! Not so fun.....so I thought about funnier things climbing to reach my high windows.......quilts and design ideas.

I remeber some years ago when artists were making dogs to decorate roundabouts. I saw a feature on tv....
.....thinking.....why not sew dogs?  Sooo.. here you go!

                                                                       SOME DETAILS!

                                                                 Yes..it's a Picasso!!!!

In that time we had been to Barcelona visiting our daugter....and Picasso museum. A fantastic exhibition....
and of course.....more inspiration. The dog got a picture..a Picasso dog!

 I made some other stuff too...show you later on! Travelling is a very good idea when you need inspiration!

                                                                                                              TAKE CARE! // Margreth

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Top finished!

I catch a cold and have been home from work for a couple of days!
Boooooring.....but today I finished the Garden Journal top. I like the dull colors...fall colors.
It was so fun that I nearly forgot my sore throat and red nose!
Quilting is like medicin!

Typically enough the weather is fantastic, sunny,warm and...just lovely.
Soooo....... I sneeked out and took a photo of our new build house in the soft sunny light.
I can't belive it....it's halv a year since we moved in!
Time flies...you better try to enjoy life every day!


Monday, October 4, 2010

Let's dance!

There has been a lot of thinking  done this weekend! How to complete the design of my quilt with chairs?
I had some decisions to make! Should I make some kind of squares, log cabins or "free cutting" blocks to finish the quilt? For me it's important to maintain a balance between fabrics, colors and design.
I finally decided " free cutting" blocks! Thats my way!!! Fun and exciting!
When the quilt, several hours later, hang on the wall I suddenly realized that the chairs looked as they were dancing!

So....here's LET'S DANCE!

Now......I have to work on border or not? How to make the quilt sparkle...ad freehand designs...embellishment, quilting design and..........? OH.....it's a very inspirational and exciting work I have in front of me!

GO FOR IT!  Margreth