Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Here I am!

I'm kind of busy.... working, training and prepareing the garden and the house for the winter.
In the studio there are quilts to be finished and new one to be designed.
Maybe something for Christmas? Hmmm...Or?
I looooong for fall holiday!

Here's a glimps of a small quilt called "A housewifes dream "

I named it befor seewing......
Do you recognice the filmstars?
Another one to be finished.....puuuh!

This is FUN!!

I'm happy to have my quilt "Red cottages" in Rikstäckets (Swedish Quilt Association) calendar 2011.


Speaking of spring!

Isn't this a dream?  Soon winter.... In our winter garden there are lemons and figs!!!!
I hope they will ripe in time? I'm not sure!
They desperatelly need sun!

See you!  Margreth


  1. Margreth, you are the one who introduced me into quilting and to-day your are the big inspiration for me and probably for many quilters.
    Your first quilts were more tradionel and to-day you show off your artistic greatness.

    På Lottas Bod kan man köpa plast-eller papp-"saker" för att linda upp garn på.Du kanske inte behöver sådana utan tar en just nu användbar nyans eller ton. Det är ju en konst,eller hur? Jag gillar ju att ordna så jag har lådor.
    Kram till dig från Louise D

  2. Denna har jag ju hört talas om.. så den ser jag fram emot att ta form.. lycka till!!! :O)) Grattis till April månads kvilt!!!

  3. Congratulations on being a "calendar" girl! I remember your post about the quilt - it's fantastic...
    ; )