Saturday, October 9, 2010

Top finished!

I catch a cold and have been home from work for a couple of days!
Boooooring.....but today I finished the Garden Journal top. I like the dull colors...fall colors.
It was so fun that I nearly forgot my sore throat and red nose!
Quilting is like medicin!

Typically enough the weather is fantastic, sunny,warm and...just lovely.
Soooo....... I sneeked out and took a photo of our new build house in the soft sunny light.
I can't belive's halv a year since we moved in!
Time better try to enjoy life every day!



  1. Verandan ser fin ut! =) Drabbades precis av en attack av hemlängtan. Jämtland på hösten är svårslaget.

  2. Lucky you. Such a special house.Hope to come and visit one day.
    Hugs from Louise D

  3. beautiful, home and quilts, min faster bor på Åsvägen i Ås och hetre Hellgren, så jag besöker Jämtland ibland .......mycket kallt på vintern brrrr.......soliga kramar