Sunday, October 28, 2012

....first chair!

There have been a few moments in the studio this weekend. 
The Glam Garland quilt top is finished and laid in the pile of all UFOs. A stack that is getting a bit too high ..... must do something about this!

Well...this is the quilt made in colors that I usually don't use. 
Brown, turquoise blue and  purple....a bit ugly-nice! 
But it is certainly a very fun pattern to sew! :)

For some time, I put a lot of work to paint and color the fabric for my new project with wooden chairs .... and the first block is made.
 Very funny!
Good thing I have two days off next week so that the project can continue to develop.

I use my simple sketches of chairs and cut pieces by hand.
Measuring roughly and find where the seams should be.
 An approach that suits me so well ...:)

And this is the first broken wooden chair dreaming of ....?

Happy quilting!

and while thoughts are with my daugter in New York...take care!
Love and hugs!


Sunday, October 14, 2012

Wreath..dig and quilt!

What do you do a bleak fall day when the first snowflakes falling
 and a cold west wind tears down the leaves from the trees?

Well....... off and pick leaves and fine seed heads for a wreath ... it is a proposal....

......then it's just to get started creating.

This years wreath! supplier of garden materials called and said that my bushes are on the way ...
 so out and dig. It must be good groundwork and

Hard work...and a lot of stones!

After all, digging in the biting wind, it feels good to go in and sew.
The Quilt for my niece's newborn daughter is to be finished.

......a sixht triangle quilt in warm coosy colours!

I thought the quilt  needed something cold that chilled the impression .. it had to be some flowers in blue tones.

......a closer look at the flowers!

... and the quilt  do well in the conservatory too

Happy Quilting!