Sunday, October 28, 2012

....first chair!

There have been a few moments in the studio this weekend. 
The Glam Garland quilt top is finished and laid in the pile of all UFOs. A stack that is getting a bit too high ..... must do something about this!

Well...this is the quilt made in colors that I usually don't use. 
Brown, turquoise blue and  purple....a bit ugly-nice! 
But it is certainly a very fun pattern to sew! :)

For some time, I put a lot of work to paint and color the fabric for my new project with wooden chairs .... and the first block is made.
 Very funny!
Good thing I have two days off next week so that the project can continue to develop.

I use my simple sketches of chairs and cut pieces by hand.
Measuring roughly and find where the seams should be.
 An approach that suits me so well ...:)

And this is the first broken wooden chair dreaming of ....?

Happy quilting!

and while thoughts are with my daugter in New York...take care!
Love and hugs!


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  1. Vika fina ideér du har. Jag älskar dina stolar....ja allt du gör. Hoppas du kan ha kurs någon gång :)