Sunday, March 22, 2015

Finished Quilt!

I've done it!

After at least a year Curvy Ladies is finally finished.
 It has been a long process working on the design,seeing the quilt
 slowly emerging from concept to completion.

I know that the idea of this quilt came when Catwalk with the tiny models was finished.
You can see that quilt at my Gallery.
I thought....Curvy  ladies are so much more natural. it is!

The quilt is 37 x 46,5 inches, 94 x 118 cm.
 I've used both regular quilt fabrics and fabrics that I printed and painted myself. 
It's quilted on the mashine and with cotton batting in between the layers.


This was a scary part of the work......
 I dripped and poured paint over the top and hoped that it would succeed.

It did!!!

The shadows behind the women are sewn with a dark thread
 and with tiny, tiny movements all over the surface.

The quilting patterns are leaves pendant along a winding stem
 and some parts are quilted in a tightly lined pattern. 
This to achieve a contrast and a more exciting surface of the quilt.

This woman is in a position to show that she is a person of courage and self-esteem.

I like that!

This is the back of the quilt and a detail of the quilting.

Well....I hope you've enjoyed looking at my latest quilt!

Happy Quilting!