Monday, July 26, 2010

A quilt with barns

This is a quilt that I made some years ago. I walked in the fields with my camera photographing many, many barns before starting the quilt. Exploring a various combination of colurs drawing and painting with water color paints. First I made a quilt with barns in the colors of early spring and then this one in summer plumage. I find the barns very beatiful and I like the old grey wood and timber. It's like they have a soul and a story to tell! It is culture buildings that gradually laps and disappear. The quilt is quilted by hand and with some embroidery and appliqé. The fabrics that I used for the barns are printed with old wood from barns wich I painted with textile color. It really was a fun projekt!

Well, today I have been in the studio all day machin quilting. Not my favorit job!!! But it has to be done.
Tomorrow I will ad embroidery and buttons and.... all that make the quilt sparkle!!!!! How it looks???
You have to be patient...

Thursday, July 22, 2010

We have been in the mountins for a couple of days, me and my husband. It is a lovely place, Frostviken in the north of Jämtland. We had a good time with relatives and a visit to friends in Norway. However.. it was raining and raining....and now back at's raining. Well.... HAPPY ME.......


I have been planing how to quilt one of my projekts. I decided to use both machine and embroidery. I think that hand sewn embroidery make the surface more expressive and exciting. I tried some different patterns on paper, geometric and abstract. I'm going to use both depending on what I want to urge. It is importen that the guilting adds an extra dimension to the quilt. BUT.. it isn't easy! GO FOR IT!!!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

To hot to sew!

Maybe the weather is to hot and sunny to sew... BUT... you can plan your next move. There are three projekts in progress......and today I bought a lot of treads in various colors. You need a LOT of colors! Well, if it is to hot you can RUN. So I went running for an hour and then some yoga I'm  like a new person with more ideas for quiltprojekts! Do I need moore? Yes, of course!!! You never know when rainy days are here!!! 

Friday, July 9, 2010

Back to reality.....

Thanks to you who read and comment my blogg!
My garden needs a great deal of work. Planting, watering, digging.... name it! I'm sweating and enjoying to see it grow. I also discover my studio again...looking at fabrics and plan my next projekt. But first....finish what I started.....fabrics to my Garden Journal blocks. Green and  ...? What pattern? The quilt on the photo is an old one. I found the inspiration from a picture at a cafe´ in Strassburgh many years ago.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Two stitcheries - the last ones.

Time flies!
Two weeks by the sea is over! Time really flies, especially when it's a good time. Well...back in Jämtland and puh.. it's hot. The garden and flowers are ok, our son has done a good job. Lucky him!!!!
This is the two last stitcheries for the moment. Now I have to decide what to do with them. Hmmm... Any suggestions?

Saturday, July 3, 2010

More stitchery!

We went to Fjällbacka to feel the atmosphere. This is the place where Camilla Läckberg found the inspiration for her detective novels. But...this is an idyll far from murder and scary things. Here you can find all that makes the swedish westcoust so unique....archipelago, boats, boat landings, fishing huts and a good "fika".