Sunday, June 28, 2015

Finished top!

Sometimes it's good when it's a rainy day or days! 
I'm the kind of person who nearly always choose to be outdoor when the sun is shining.
This week the rain poured down for two what to do?

Absolutely no gardening!...

...but I've had two days in the studio. It has been a long time since last time.
I started a quilt with leaves several months ago and there it was...unfinished!

I think I nearly forgot how fun sewing is!!!!!

Well, after two days indoor the top is finished!

Time did fly...

This is a quilt made in soft colors and it it measures 37x58 inches.
 Maybe it'll be some sort of border or completion, but I have to do some thinking about that for a while .... until the next rainy day.

Here are some details and a view from my coffe corner in the garden.

Well...this is what I've done  rainy days....but what happens the sunny ones?

I'll tell you next post.

Happy Quilting!