Monday, February 18, 2013

Plaid and dots

First of all......

 I want to thank everyone who has written so kind, encouraging comments in my last post.

I'm so happy and almost blushes when you write so nicely.

 A big warm thank you!!! 

A week ago these fabrics were in the mail ... very nice! 
I have always loved plaid and polka dot fabrics but not used them in a quilt for a long time.
 Now I can start planning ... the inspiration came in the mail too :))

Well......this weekend I started up to finish quilt number 3
My New Wave quilt is to be quilted........
 and the pile of UFOs are decreasing........that makes me feel good!

Spring is probably a bit away but I have spring feelings anyway ....
..... the light returns to this dark part of the world. 


Here is one of my favorite quilts in rerun .... coltsfoots in baskets... 
....the first spring flower!!

Happy Quilting!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Finish nr 2

 UFO number two is finished! 
It has been a long journey with hand quilting and it has taken time because the sight is somehow inferior. Surely it can't be age?
Well ... this is how it turned out in the end!

A sixth triangle quilt made of Kaffe Fassets great fabrics. 
I love them!
It is a bright cold day here and the quilt makes a fantastic picture in the winter landscape.


Snow, frost and icicles from the roof.

The quilt measures 51x79  inches and is hand quilted in feather pattern.
 Louise, a good friend of mine gave me the inspiration for almost a year ago ... 
....gee how time flies!

The back is like this! you can see the quilting quite well.

Sooo..this chilly day it's nice to sit in the chair and 
crawl under the quilt and cuddle ... or?

 ........... is it better on the couch ....... hmmmmm?

Happy Quilting!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sagas Quilt

Sagas quilt is finished, quilted and bound. :) .... the first finished quilt 2013!

A warm cosy one......

The quilts back is made of several fabrics.
 It feels good to use  some of the small leftovers...... ....and it sure makes the back more 
interesting and vibrant.

This quilt is made in warm colors and remind me of spring coming.......but when I look out it's still full winter.
Snow and cold...but couldn't I feel the sun a little bit warm to my nose today?

Soooo....I had to look at my bulbs......dreaming :)

Sagas quilt is blooming and soon it's time to plant some bulbs in pots ....I'm longing 
to see small green leaves coming up. 

Happy quilting!