Thursday, July 23, 2015

Sunny days!

I promised to tell you what I do sunny days!
To work in the studio isn't my first choise 
when the sky is blue.
 Unfortunal too many days has been rainy here 
in Sweden so far.
But anyway...there has been a lot of days in the garden, digging, planting and making some "garden stuff"
 of willow.

Such as...

A ball made of shaped willow.
 Flowers climb on it in the garden.
 In the pot there's another way to support a climbing plant.

I planted this flowers but the wind was though for them.
So I made these creations to give them support.

One day me and a lovely friend made this  
poppy capsule of wire. 

The idea is for it to rust beautifully
 and a plant climb up the capsule.
We'll see the result later this summer.

Some more things that makes life wonderful!

Two days in the mountins with the family....lovely days! 

And look....did you know there's a wine called Patchwork.
 I had to tast it! No sensation but totaly ok!

Have a nice summer!