Sunday, December 30, 2012


A new year is approaching and it's exciting to think about what it will bring :)

Hopefully a lot of joy with family and friends....:)

I dream about...

......some amazing quilts to sew and one or two UFO:s to finish.
Finding lots of fun colorful fabrics ... 
 Be inspired by exciting things and experiences around me..... and all that you, my friends,
 share with me through your blogs:)
 Your fabulous quilts and thoughts about sewing and how you, in my eyes, creat works of art.


Thanks to all of you who share my world of quilting!

Love to you and see you around next year!


Monday, November 19, 2012


Check out the cool chairs!

 Twenty artists have decorated the famous chair Ant by Arne Jacobsen. 
For me who like chairs, it's really a fun creative ide.
You can read about the project and loook at the fabulous chairs at

Well, how is it going with my "designer" chairs then?
 Very slooooow!
A few chairs are stitched but I have very brief moments to be in the studio.
 But ..... you have to be happy for the little sometimes :) 
So be patient .... the quilt will surely be ready.

Happy Quilting!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Four days!

I looked forward to four days off with a lovely time in the studio
 but a lot of other things showed up instead. 
Cleaning the house ... surprising what a lot of dust to be found! Family to be cared for ... exercise .. .and the our daughter came home to cuddle....and..and..

Well, in other words... it has been great!

Late on Sunday afternoon I had a session in the studio. 
I ironed my dyed fabrics and sewed a chair. 
But the result was not so good .. bad flow :(

...but my fabrics are ok! :)

                      Soo..I had to do something else .... up with a lot of interior design magazines.

 I began to study different models of chairs instead. 
What amazing... sometimes completely unreal models there are!

Very fun and a lot of inspiration!

I make a fresh effort in the studio another day!

Happy Quilting!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

....first chair!

There have been a few moments in the studio this weekend. 
The Glam Garland quilt top is finished and laid in the pile of all UFOs. A stack that is getting a bit too high ..... must do something about this!

Well...this is the quilt made in colors that I usually don't use. 
Brown, turquoise blue and  purple....a bit ugly-nice! 
But it is certainly a very fun pattern to sew! :)

For some time, I put a lot of work to paint and color the fabric for my new project with wooden chairs .... and the first block is made.
 Very funny!
Good thing I have two days off next week so that the project can continue to develop.

I use my simple sketches of chairs and cut pieces by hand.
Measuring roughly and find where the seams should be.
 An approach that suits me so well ...:)

And this is the first broken wooden chair dreaming of ....?

Happy quilting!

and while thoughts are with my daugter in New York...take care!
Love and hugs!


Sunday, October 14, 2012

Wreath..dig and quilt!

What do you do a bleak fall day when the first snowflakes falling
 and a cold west wind tears down the leaves from the trees?

Well....... off and pick leaves and fine seed heads for a wreath ... it is a proposal....

......then it's just to get started creating.

This years wreath! supplier of garden materials called and said that my bushes are on the way ...
 so out and dig. It must be good groundwork and

Hard work...and a lot of stones!

After all, digging in the biting wind, it feels good to go in and sew.
The Quilt for my niece's newborn daughter is to be finished.

......a sixht triangle quilt in warm coosy colours!

I thought the quilt  needed something cold that chilled the impression .. it had to be some flowers in blue tones.

......a closer look at the flowers!

... and the quilt  do well in the conservatory too

Happy Quilting!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

..a short one!

A trip to Mora this weekend to visit our daugter and on the way home..... Stop! 
...a quiltshop.....
 And of course......I  filled the fabric stock with some lovely fabrics.
 It can still dry in the pale fall sun.

  Yes...fall is here ..... 
but a few flowers are still struggling to catch blossom and show its magnificence :)

Happy Quilting!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

New projekts!

Last Friday I had a journalist in my studio. Pretty exciting!

Emma Rodling from our local newspaper Östersundsposten 
wanted to do an interview, among other things, on the occasion of the exhibition in Birmingham.
It's always a bit scary to see how the article will be.  
..... and whoops it was bigger than I could imagine.

You can see for yourself at:  De bästa ideerna får jag när jag springer.

........... now it's nice to just be and enjoy the beautiful days.
The garden takes care of itself now that it's moving towards autumn ... will be a more relaxed pace.

And when I relax and run .....creativity flows!

My brothers daughter is having a I started up with a sixth triangle quilt .
Sunny warm colors!

....and a Glam Garland quilt. I saw it at
I sort of like Elisabeth Hartmans modern style.

All this fun stuff while my project with chairs matures
and fabrics to be dyed .... it requires some thinking to be done.

Happy Quilting!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

What a day!

I've had a creative day! 

There has been an idea for months that it was time to tackle.
 I picked up small simple sketches that I've done before, and continued to sketch more.
 I studied many different ways and angles.

I'm on to chairs again!

Colours then? 
 What colors should I use this time?

 Yellow as a base? Well, then I have to dye some fabric ....... go ahead!

........but there are many other nice colors ...... yellow .. orange ... green ..

                         ........or these lovely blue .. green... turquoise ... warm yellow...rust....

I'll have to think about both the design and colors for a while! :)

Happy Quilting!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Once more....

Have a last peek at what happened at Birmingham Quilt Festival!

My husband found a charming lady with fine textile accessories ... a textile wonders.
The artist show a great creativity with a sense of humor.

These quilts are made by Marie Roper from Birmingham.
 She died this year but some of her great work were shown.

 Look at the great quilting!...and her dolls were so charming.

This is interessting... I think!
 Kate Dowty make quilts with a very exciting expression.
 The surface is so vibrant and textural......various kind of threads and stitches all over. 
The quilt can be built up with tiny pieces of fabric that overlap and the colors are fantastic.

The Judges choise in the category Art Quilts.
"Silencis" by Olga Gonzales Angulo, Spain.

Oh yes....... I looked a bit on the fabrics as well ......
 But talk about character ... or foolishness ....

 Believe it or not but I didn't buy a single piece of cloth!

Happy Quilting!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


More from Birmingham........

Have a look at some of the 18 fabulous quilts at "Diversity in Europe"!

"Welcome'' by Ester Meier, Switzerland

"Meeting Ice" by Margreet Michel, Netherlands

"Love for Baltimore" by Denise Vanderperren, Belgium

"Calendar" by Soelvi L. Krokeide, Norway

"La Remeur" by Genevieve Attinger, France

This one I'm a bit uncertain about...correct me if I'm wrong!

Tuija Oravainen, Finland

Happy Quilting!

Sunday, August 19, 2012


Well.....The Festival of Quilts is over for this time!
It was my first visit and a great experience. big!

I had planned to visit Birmingham for quilte a long time and  when my quilt Catwalk  was to be shown at EQAs exhibition ¨Diversity of Europe¨ then it was an occasion to go there.

I was pretty excited about how the the exhibition would look like....... nervous!

First of all....I found it!

 Hmmmm ..... what beautiful quilts!

EQAs 18 countries have each selected a quilt representing their country in this show.

Many different approaches and techniques!

Well.....I have about a hundred photoes of quilts and notes! Beautiful, exiting ones!

I like to share some of them with I'm back soon

Happy Quilting!

Friday, June 29, 2012


Thanks to Jette Clover and Katriina Flensburg for a great workshop and weekend at Quiltakademin. A lot of new knowledge and inspiration! Good food and lovely compani!
Soo, how did it turn out?

We started out with experiment in collage. We used paper, cutting, tearing and folding to make collage in several sizes. Then we  discussed our layout and worked again to improve the composition. A very useful exercise to explore the elements of design
 and improve your skill to see and create interesting compositions.

One of the things I learnt was ¨less is more¨....I have a bad habbit of taking in to much!! Fabric...paints....colors...

I love it!  

 We worked with textile paints in a playful way 
putting my personal expression in fabrics. 
Just go for it! 

Much fun! :)

Next step was exploring the techniques such as mono printing, gelatine printing 
and how to transfer paper to fabrics.

Great fun!

I had some decorating magazines and I kind of like chairs!

Soo...this was my theme!


This is paper transfered to different own designed fabrics.

Now when I have learnt some of the techniques the real work starts!

First of all..... continue to experiment and find my own way to use the techniq.

How can this technique make my quilts more "talking" and interesting in a personal way?

Well.....there's some work to be done!

Happy Quilting!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Hi there! 

Time flies when spring comes and suddenly it's almost SUMMER. I spend a LOT of time in the garden ..... I have  lots of plants to take care of, bushes to plant and a new hedge is to be constructed. I've become sort of an expert at digging .......puh.
 Today I built three trellises to be set up and then it should be planted around them ..... then ....... and then. I wonder if I have too many projects going on  :) ....?

                                         Maybe I should spend more time sewing?

Inspiration is needed? 

Soo...I have something great coming..

where Jette Clover has a workshop for two days.

Two days to explore design through collage!

Look at these fabulous quilts by Jette!

We are going to work with both paper and fabric and the integration of these materials. 
We will apply the design with different printing techniques such as monoprinting and gelatine printing. I have never tried it will be so exiting!

I hope to learn a lot.......and us it in my way to express something personal in my quilts.

Happy Quilting!