Wednesday, July 27, 2016

A new project!

The sun is shining, sweat dripping and I sit indoors and sew. 
That's nuts!
 But sometimes you have no choice, things must be done!

I apparently have at least a little character!!!!!

This simple sketch is the start of my next project.
 As you may know, I have been surrounded by pregnant women in the past year and it leaves its marks....two newborn in the family this year!!!

...and my brain started to see a theme and plan a quilt!

I've done some progress, despite many small interruptions when
 the desire to do other things takes over. 
For example, playing with Selma, swim and enjoy the garden.

 My husband also wants some attention !!!

There's still a lot of work to be done and I will show you more later on!

Enjoy summer....I will!!


Saturday, July 9, 2016


Two weeks at this island without fabrics, sewingmashine and quilts was.....fantastic!
You may not believe it but it is possible.
 We have enjoyed being with children and grandchildren, swimming in the sea,
 long walks and good food.

Fabulous days!

But now we are back home and great things happens.
After a few hours at home we got a new grandchild!!! 
A boy..our third grandchild!

Well..that means at least one thing..I now have two quilts to make!
One for Aksel born in may and one for Anton.

So..get started!

I've bought loads of fabrics and I always wash them to get rid of some chemicals.
 I put up a clothing line in the garden because it was so nice weather. 

It was beautiful in my garden with all the fabrics blowing in the wind.

The fabrics dried in a few minutes....and then... is possible to iron out in the sun as well!!

Here are some of all new fabrics, ready to be used for new projects.
Quilts for my grandchildren Aksel and Anton. 
But before that, I'll start with a wall piece to be shown at an exhibition later this year.
 I tell you more about that later on.

Enjoy the summer!