Sunday, November 27, 2011

..and the winners are..

Gunilla B. Norrtälje, Karin L. Jämtland och Agneta från Åland.

Hip hurray.... I'm happy to send you a little parcel with fabrics for Christmas!

...and thanks to all of you who visited my blog and wrote a nice comment! :)

Happy Quilting

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Give away!

I would like to thank all of you who visit my blog....... with a GIVE AWAY!

I have made some new friends and some of you are good friends since many years.
I'm happy to read your encouraging, kind comments!


It's easy to qualify for this little present.... 
Write a comment..... and if you want sign in to be a follower.
I send three lucky quilters some fabrics for a Christmas project. know next weekend if you are one of them!

Hi...look what I found in a drawer when i was looking for.....something else.

Old sheets with buttons! From the fifties...? 
 I think I bought them a year ago at a second hand......
paying almost nothing!

Look at the Glamour girl...
So lovely!

Happy Quilting!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Run and Quilt!

Running and quilting go together .... have you tried? Fresh air ... motion and flow allows the brain to get started and ideas come in lots.

That's how it is for me. It's great!
Last time running there appeared a new design from Let's Dance and Cat Walk quilts .. namely
 Let's walk!
A simple sketch is drawn ... We'll see what happens .. if there's something coming out of it?

How do you get inspiration and flow?

Happy Quilting!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fall holidays

After some thinking.. planing for my days off.... I decided that.....I just do what I long for!
YES!!! :)
So..I want to exercise, sew, read, crochet, make some bread, yoga and..

Outside it's still Fall....a little bit weird because at this time a year there's often snow coming, especially in the mountins. snow in sight.
I have seen flowers that bloom in the summer and trees with leaf bud.
Something is wrong!?

But still I can enjoy the fantastic sunny, foggy weather and the landscapes beautiful dull's magical.

The sunset is wonderful!


Who could imagine that the grandmother's square would be modern again?
You can make pillows, blankets, sweaters...
 I started crocheting with a lovely, soft wool yarn.... a cosy scarf for cold days.
Very fun and easy to make! :)

...and of course...I had a long day in the studio..hours flew away!

Cat walk is progressing.....I did sew some more models in different positions today.

Now it's time to decide how the blocks will be sewn together ...hopefully tomorrow!

Happy Quilting!