Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fall holidays

After some thinking.. planing for my days off.... I decided that.....I just do what I long for!
YES!!! :)
So..I want to exercise, sew, read, crochet, make some bread, yoga and..

Outside it's still Fall....a little bit weird because at this time a year there's often snow coming, especially in the mountins. snow in sight.
I have seen flowers that bloom in the summer and trees with leaf bud.
Something is wrong!?

But still I can enjoy the fantastic sunny, foggy weather and the landscapes beautiful dull's magical.

The sunset is wonderful!


Who could imagine that the grandmother's square would be modern again?
You can make pillows, blankets, sweaters...
 I started crocheting with a lovely, soft wool yarn.... a cosy scarf for cold days.
Very fun and easy to make! :)

...and of course...I had a long day in the studio..hours flew away!

Cat walk is progressing.....I did sew some more models in different positions today.

Now it's time to decide how the blocks will be sewn together ...hopefully tomorrow!

Happy Quilting!


  1. Vilka vackra foton!
    Jag virkade mormorsrutor på 70-talet och har nu tagit fram de filtarna igen, de är fina!
    Gunilla B.

  2. Åh, mormorsrutor vill jag lära mig i jul, är sugen på ett nytt projekt men det är så svårt att komma igång! kanske för att man har vissa saker liggande som inte är klara...

  3. Mormorsruter kan jeg ikke hekle. Er det komplisert? Ser ikke så vanskelig ut. Har du noe mönsteride? Ev. på Eller?
    Klem Ingrid