Sunday, August 28, 2011

Project Catwalk

Projekt Catwalk turned up a late evening when I had a long and slightly boring time.
 I was reading a book by Dalai Lama and I think his thoughts about how to become a happy person was a little bit complicated. after a while my brain started to "play".
An idea with modells...walking...standing... poseing... just poped up.

 Yes.....I grabbed a pen and started to draw.

Since then....

I've done some sketches and tried different lines and expression......I had to figure out how to make the blocks able to sew. 

Inspiration needed...... 

So I bought my very first fashion magazine ever.
Quite interesting!.....a new world for me!

.........and as it usually happens when you start a new project ..... you are without fabric ... must buy some more! :)

I found this lovely Kaffe Fasset fabrics...I couldn't resist!

Well... Today I've spent some time in the studio and tried my way....  this is how
 the first blocks looks.

A start anyway!

Pretty cheeky.........right?

Now I'm excited to continue.... but first.... down to Stockholm and run Tjejmilen.

That will be fun tooo:)

Happy Quilting!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

A new project

Full of energy and inspiration I took some time to explore whether my idea and
my design would work out.
My sketch is very simple and an overall picture of the quilt is missing!
But when you're impatient, it's only to get started! must wait to see the whole block.......I have to work on it....

It suddenly sewing machine gave up!!!

It has never happend to me before...I get nuts.

Sooo...what to do now?

Ok, the forest is full of cranberries....out we go!

Me and my daugther Sofie picked 10 l .....great was louds of berries! :)

I had my sewing machine back today. :)

I can sew again! :)


Sunday, August 14, 2011

Amilias quilt

What a great summer it is! :)
 Wherever we have been the sun is shining. For the last weeks we have been in Öregrund and I visited Forsa in Hälsingland learning a method to learn children read. Quite interesting!
Now...home again and one of the first thing to do.. except to sew.

I decided to finish the blue quilt to my brothers daughter who had a child in maj. Hi, grandpa!
A little girl named Amilia!  Soooo qute!

After a long day in the studio I had a nice time sitting in the sun binding the quilt.
I did some stichery too...thought the quilt needed it!

This is the result!

Amilias quilt!

......and the back

.......I love to use different fabrics and left over blocks.....

I quilted it with hearts and circles and stitched Amilias name and year of birth.
....the last thing was to make cross stitches on the red stripe......:)

Done! I out of work now?
No...there's some ufo to finish and a new idea.....
I think I start with it at once........:)
One more week befor work starts.....lucky me!

Happy quilting

Monday, August 8, 2011

A day at the summer house.

There is much to fuss over in the summer, you have the time and opportunity.

In the garden grows lavender and I usually make wreaths hanging in the house smelling so wonderful.
In the garden there's plums, apples and cherries.

Shall I make some jam...or maybe a cherry pie?

The meadow must be turned with a scythe and our daughter has been given a lesson
by her father how  to do.
The next generation must take over!

Ö a lovely place!

Old charming houses everywhere ... a great inspiration for me who likes to sew houses.

Sooo...a day in the studio would be great!

Happy Quilting!