Sunday, August 14, 2011

Amilias quilt

What a great summer it is! :)
 Wherever we have been the sun is shining. For the last weeks we have been in Öregrund and I visited Forsa in Hälsingland learning a method to learn children read. Quite interesting!
Now...home again and one of the first thing to do.. except to sew.

I decided to finish the blue quilt to my brothers daughter who had a child in maj. Hi, grandpa!
A little girl named Amilia!  Soooo qute!

After a long day in the studio I had a nice time sitting in the sun binding the quilt.
I did some stichery too...thought the quilt needed it!

This is the result!

Amilias quilt!

......and the back

.......I love to use different fabrics and left over blocks.....

I quilted it with hearts and circles and stitched Amilias name and year of birth.
....the last thing was to make cross stitches on the red stripe......:)

Done! I out of work now?
No...there's some ufo to finish and a new idea.....
I think I start with it at once........:)
One more week befor work starts.....lucky me!

Happy quilting


  1. Den kvilten har du klurat ut fint.Jätteläcker och korsstygnen,super!

  2. Det ble en nydelig quilt. Herlige stoffer :o)
    Vi har bare hatt grått og regn i hele sommer.
    Dager med sol kan telles på en hånd.....Dere har vært heldige :o) Ha en fin uke!

  3. Vilken fin quilt! Härlig baksida. Kram Jenny