Monday, August 19, 2013 day

What do you do to get peace to grieve?
 My dad has past away, three months after my mother.
 It feels hard and empty. I miss them both soooo much.
But days go by and I'm working in the garden ..... walking and spend time in the studio.
 My thoughts go in various directions.... and I think that it feels good 
to work with my hands.

It must have been two weeks since I started to plan a continuation
 of the quilt with chairs .... it needed something to make the design more exciting.

But I got stuck! 

For some reason...don't know why...but today an idea popped up! 

  I began to test my idea with colored pencils on paper ... tried different shapes, colors and color combinations until I was happy.


I made stamps and printed carpets in modern style and colors.....

It made a big difference and increased the quilt expression.

 The process continues and I hope I can find peace to sew tomorrow too ..... we'll see?

Happy Quilting!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

A bike!


Do you remember the embroidery 
that I started a month ago?

 Well .. now one bike is ready!

Such fun!

I use various types of stitches ... Chain stitch ....
Back stitch....Satin stitch....Cross stitch....

Trying to see which stitch make the most of the design.

 So..... now I can continue to work out a design
 on the quilt to fit a variety of bikes.

 I have some ideas to work with!

Bikes seems to be a hot fashion detail that is used in interior, hung on walls or standing as an accent in the room.

 Wondering if you can ride on them?

Well ... my bikes will definitely hang on the wall! :)

Happy Quilting!