Sunday, January 23, 2011

New fabrics!

I was happy to receive some fabrics in the mail this week.:) Kaffe Fassets collection Classics and Joanna Figueroas Buttercup for Moda. Kaffe Fassets fabrics are beautiful and the pattern quite challenging. The colours are :)

I played with Fassets fabric on the floor and tried different combinations, great fun! Hmmm.....I might make a quilt that fits on the couch. We'll see!

Anyway.... I have stitched up the basket blocks today and also tried to figure out how to finish the quilt??
I don't want it to become an UFO.......

Well, back to work and I hard training.....I got a personal training coach last week...hope she can make sure that I train excuses!

                           Hey!...... I heard birds singing it spring in the air?



Sunday, January 16, 2011

Keep on!

This lovely day was last weekend. A perfekt day for skiing. Cold,sunny and no wind.
This weekend is the opposit, clowdy,windy and rather mild weather. A typical day for quilting!
That's good too!

I prepard by a visit to Mariannes quiltbod, I run out fabrics....... mostly fabrics appropiate as backgroud.
Of course I found some other fabrics that I couldn't resist.....nice to have in the piles.
Have it ever happend to you? =)

Well...after a chatt online with my daughter in India...I began to sew.
Puuuh.....My studio is a mess...fabrics  and threads all over the place. Maybe a creative kaos. =)

Now there are fifthteen blocks with baskets finished. There are a lot of coltsfoot missing so I just have to KEEP ON!

I wonder if I'm going to make some other blocks between the baskets? Hmmmmm...that is worth considering...or? What do you think?

I let it rest for a while.......                        MARGRETH

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cosy indoors!

There is  snowstorm outside ....that means I can happily stay indoor :)
No skiing today!
And......eight blocks are finished.
It feels good to make blocks with warm yellow coltsfoot.

It was almost dark when I took the photos.....I had to go out and put them in the snow!

Hopefully it's sunny tomorrow! Funny, one day indoors and I long to go out. 


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Here I go!

There has been some "hallelujah moments" in my studio recently. Time flies and all I think of is my work.
All silent and music....just my own thoughts. I love it!

My work with the fabric HAPPY has turned out in an unexpected was not my picture of the quilt at the first place. But....this happens all the time. I often have a design in my head or on paper but it changes
during the process.

Well....the finished piece is not the design I had in mind or the right fabrics.

Still it's my design! :)

Hmm....this fabric is nice.....hmmmm......a chair........cooltsfoot.....this or that?

Embroidery?  YES!

                                                                OK! ... This is the result!

This was I started up my next project!

Do you remember the sketches I showed you before Christmas?  Baskets with cooltsfoot!

This is how it looks far so good........wait until tomorrow.

                                             A NEW DAYS AND NEW IDEAS!

                                                                                                        See You!  MARGRETH

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

                  I wish all of you......A Happy New Year! 

I think back on the past year and I'm happy and greatful for all that it brings. Now I'm looking forward to a new year with challenges and experiences...... some of them in my Studio.
I hope that creativity will flow.
I made no New Years resolution but I have a few goals!
Many hours in the halv marathon in Göteborg ( hopefully faster than last year).....
go to France..... visit a Quilt event?.....and of course spend time with family and lovely friends.

Speaking of creativity.....there has been some occasions in the Studio..between food...hugging children... coffe time.....skiing....walks.....reading...and...and...

I made two designs just befor Christmas....a lot of thinking...colors..expression..
No..I'm not ready to start!

How about?

A roll of lovely fabrics from Me & My Sister that talks to me....but what to make of it?

                   I started without a clear idea of the block....then something?....
                   I think the colors spoke mostly...or?

........maybe this isn't a  succesfull way to work..but it's exiting and developing.
I know that it can turn out to be a disaster! ......but what ever!.....I think we all have some unfinished works
 that we hide somewhere..and try to forget.
Well ..go for it!

I publish this and continue this aimless piece of work.......FUN!