Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Here I go!

There has been some "hallelujah moments" in my studio recently. Time flies and all I think of is my work.
All silent and music....just my own thoughts. I love it!

My work with the fabric HAPPY has turned out in an unexpected was not my picture of the quilt at the first place. But....this happens all the time. I often have a design in my head or on paper but it changes
during the process.

Well....the finished piece is not the design I had in mind or the right fabrics.

Still it's my design! :)

Hmm....this fabric is nice.....hmmmm......a chair........cooltsfoot.....this or that?

Embroidery?  YES!

                                                                OK! ... This is the result!

This was I started up my next project!

Do you remember the sketches I showed you before Christmas?  Baskets with cooltsfoot!

This is how it looks far so good........wait until tomorrow.

                                             A NEW DAYS AND NEW IDEAS!

                                                                                                        See You!  MARGRETH


  1. Margreth1 Jag tror Du gått från "helylle" till "siden". Förstå mig rätt.
    Du får höra av Dig annars. Hoppas vi ses vid nästa träff.
    Louise D

  2. Jag blir så glad när jag tittar in i din studio-det är den energikick man behöver i januari.Dina "sy-fantasier" är helt underbara.
    Ja,bloggandet är kul,men tar ännu lite för mycket tid och energi:-)). Perfekt ( i mina ögon) blir det nog aldrig där.Fast det är ju sömnad jag vill lägga min kraft på.
    Hälsar Gudrun