Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cosy indoors!

There is  snowstorm outside ....that means I can happily stay indoor :)
No skiing today!
And......eight blocks are finished.
It feels good to make blocks with warm yellow coltsfoot.

It was almost dark when I took the photos.....I had to go out and put them in the snow!

Hopefully it's sunny tomorrow! Funny, one day indoors and I long to go out. 



  1. hej mamma! allt är bra. har skrivit ett inlägg på resedagboken, uppdrag-Indien heter dagboken. kolla om ni hittar det.=)Tfn funkar inte, jag måste försöka fixa det. Har varit på marknad idag och har bl.a köpt en halv meter tyg till dig! Det du! =)Vi hörs! kolla skype ibland. puss

  2. Hi Margreth,
    I found your blog via Marit's blog and wanted to say "hi".
    I love your baskets with coltsfoot in progress. Very bright and cheerful.
    I also looked at your other photos and you live in a beautiful area. We also get quite a bit of snow, but not as much as you, for sure.
    Take care.
    Vicky F from West Michigan (US)