Saturday, October 15, 2016

Sunderbyn, classes and exhibition

It's two weeks ago....time flies!
Rikstäckets annual meeting took place in Sunderbyn, Luleå.
 I had the privilege to teach two classes. So fun! 
An exhibition with my quilts and Katarina Evens works were shown in the gallery.
 The exhibition lasted during Sunderbyn Craft week
  Margareta Thelander also showed great quilts.

My students made some lovely chairs!


The students sew the first chair based on the my sketch and then they sew
 along their own sketches and ideas. You all showed a lot of creativity!

In the gallery!

It was a great room with a lot of light!
I showed eight quilts and Katarina Evens showed great clothes made of natural materials and with fine details and embroideries. 
She also works with recycling of materials which we quilters should use more than we do.
That is how it was when the first quilts where made!
 I'm in the beginnig of using more of old fabrics and clothes.

This is from the left,
 Curvy ladies, We carry life and Catwalk hanging from the ceiling.

Katarinas lovely clothes!

..and look at this details! 
So lovely!

Thanks Katarina for cooperation, you are a great artist!
I wish you good luck in your future work!

In my next post I'll show you more of my latest work.

Happy Quilting!

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Great fun!

It has been a great fall...with a lot of work and joy as well.
I have a lot to tell you!

Quilts has been made and classes held in Quiltköping and Sunderbyn!

First I tell you about the great event in Quiltköping. 
Gunilla Plesner is a fantastic lady who organice this event in Lidköping called Quiltköping.

A Great event for us quilters...a lot of shopping,exhibitions and classes!

And I had the privilege to be invited as a teacher this year.

This event took place in september and I had two classes.
 Sew a chair is a class practicing to sew from a simple sketch without templates and specified dimensions. A sort of free manner to form a block, in this case a chair. 
The ladies in my class managed to sew all these chairs!

Great work!

 My second class considered how to transfer an image to fabric.The students worked  concentrated to transfer their images to fabric using a kind of medium.
 An exciting project that does not always succeed based on the image and paper quality.

But there were a lot of interesting results.

 An exampel from the exibition is Ulva Ugerups amazing small textile pictures of  ladies.
 Small lovely work with funny, determined, angry yet positive messages.

 I love them!!

Until next post..

Thanks to all my students, you were great!!!

Happy Quilting!