Sunday, March 27, 2011


Hi, there!

I found this little embroyderi in my cupboard, lovely one isn't it?
It was a while ago since I had a stitchery going on.
The last one was The Garden UFO to quilt.

I also found this......

The left one is made by Louise Duckhow some years ago....a lovely present!

But....I started up a new quilt with a chair today! :) 
A small one I think......?
Truly..... I have no clear picture of how it should look like.

You have to wait and see...... 


Monday, March 21, 2011

Creative stitchery!

What a nice inspiring weekend! A fantastic artist named Emma Jönsson has an exhibition in Järpen kulturhus and hold a workshop on Saturday. She is a textil artist who paints on fabrics and then build her picture with
stitchery and a lot of details. Her pictures and stitchery communicate a light and ephemeral atmosphere and every artwork tell a story of it's own.


Since it's well known that we can create better if the rigt side of the brain operate at its full potential we started up to slowly draw our hand without looking at the pencil or paper.
 Hard fun work!
Then a lot of croquis, fast one for two or five minutes! We really had a lot of practice how to look and see different shapes and lines.

This is  drawings that my classmates made. Great work ladies!

After lunch we finally could pick up our sewing things and yarns. Now it is the moment of truth!
 Emma act modell and we are suposed to stitch her by just look and find the lines and shapes.
No drawing!
I found it surprisingly easy! My brains right side must have been alert! :)

Here are some results from class!

Some details from Emmas fantastic work!

To all of you who have the opportunity to visit her's worth it! 
The exhibition is going on until 3 April.

Hugs from a happy lady full of new energy! Margreth :)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Basket quilt!

Here it is! One of my at least three UFOs is finished. :)


                                          Let the sun shine!                                       


Friday, March 11, 2011

Still here!

Time goes by...and I've had a great week! Winter break and such peaceful days!
Days have been filled by both buisness and pleasure...mostly pleasure in fact. :)
Sewing,  of course....spring cleaning, hmmmm......our store and laundry facilities
 are spotlessly clean and organized.

I've had massage....TWICE... that's LUXERY... my stiff muscles are like new.

Some skiing...long walks..and.....when I repotted, I found a flower bud on my lemon tree. Happiness!

I love to take each day as it comes! The question is...What do I feel like today?

In the Studio I have finished my quilt with baskets and coltsfoot.
 I think it expresses my spring feelings!
Surprisingly finished before springs arrivel! I show you a picture later....battery ran out!

My project with Kaffe Fasset's fabrics is progressing. There's a lot of fabric to cut and pieces to move around to find the right place....I want the layout to sparkle.
The design wall is changing day by day!


What more can you ask for?