Friday, March 11, 2011

Still here!

Time goes by...and I've had a great week! Winter break and such peaceful days!
Days have been filled by both buisness and pleasure...mostly pleasure in fact. :)
Sewing,  of course....spring cleaning, hmmmm......our store and laundry facilities
 are spotlessly clean and organized.

I've had massage....TWICE... that's LUXERY... my stiff muscles are like new.

Some skiing...long walks..and.....when I repotted, I found a flower bud on my lemon tree. Happiness!

I love to take each day as it comes! The question is...What do I feel like today?

In the Studio I have finished my quilt with baskets and coltsfoot.
 I think it expresses my spring feelings!
Surprisingly finished before springs arrivel! I show you a picture later....battery ran out!

My project with Kaffe Fasset's fabrics is progressing. There's a lot of fabric to cut and pieces to move around to find the right place....I want the layout to sparkle.
The design wall is changing day by day!


What more can you ask for?


1 comment:

  1. Härligt med sportlov ...:o)
    Din vår kvilt har jag väntat länge på att få kika på i sin helhet.. är såååå nyfiken..:o)