Sunday, March 25, 2018

Work to be done!

How hard can it be?

To organize and be effective ..... 
To calculate time....

The answer to it must be ..... very difficult!

First of all, have a great idea! ..... requires some inspiration and thoughts.
      Then...Make a sketch and pattern! it's starting to look like something.
What color scale should I have ..... which fabrics? ... buy new?.. recycled? ....
 use old ones ? ... print? .. paint? .... color?


Time! hurry!
Februari...Start to think!...but no hurry!
March...oh,oh..must get something done!
Puuh!'s funny but it always seems to be alright in the end despite all the concerns.

So...I'm sure that at least two quilts will be finished to the exhibition late august.

Happy Quilting!


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