Saturday, May 26, 2012

Hi there! 

Time flies when spring comes and suddenly it's almost SUMMER. I spend a LOT of time in the garden ..... I have  lots of plants to take care of, bushes to plant and a new hedge is to be constructed. I've become sort of an expert at digging .......puh.
 Today I built three trellises to be set up and then it should be planted around them ..... then ....... and then. I wonder if I have too many projects going on  :) ....?

                                         Maybe I should spend more time sewing?

Inspiration is needed? 

Soo...I have something great coming..

where Jette Clover has a workshop for two days.

Two days to explore design through collage!

Look at these fabulous quilts by Jette!

We are going to work with both paper and fabric and the integration of these materials. 
We will apply the design with different printing techniques such as monoprinting and gelatine printing. I have never tried it will be so exiting!

I hope to learn a lot.......and us it in my way to express something personal in my quilts.

Happy Quilting!

Friday, May 4, 2012

First of all I want to thank all of you who wrote
 such  kind and encouraging comments in my last post.
 Hugs to you all!

Now what's on......

I've been searching for shades of blue in Roslagens pearl Öregrund. 
But it was probably not the right place .... Öregrund is a coastal town with a lot of pastels in yellow and greenMost blue colors I found in our own garden. A rake, boots, kid's glasses and a lot of plants, of course.

.......... the scarecrow is pretty sweet.....:)

To celebrate the arrival of spring is a lovely tradition, and it was a fantastic evening at the sea with fire and song....... luckily enough no firecrackers.....the light was magical!

........the sun sets in the sea .... and a loving couple see only each other.

 is here ...... I thought !

At home in
 Jämtland again.....and it's snowing ..... yes snowing!
Happy Quilting!  Margreth