Sunday, April 28, 2013

Garden Angel

I would have required a Garden Angel
 in my garden this winter. Mice have eaten at my newly planted hedge ....grrrr crazy!

And there it was.........

 I found this little quilt
 with Garden Angels stitched in pale colors .. a low volume quilt.
 I think it's four years since I sewed it .... and not until now it shows up in a forgotten box.  :)

.......I think I will dress in shocking pink in the garden this season ... or not!

Happy Quilting!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Garden inspiration

Last weekend I was at the garden show in Stockholm .... great fun and a big inspiration. 
What a lot of fun to make and grow!
 I enjoyed all installations of plants and environments. Colors and shapes endlessly :)

Look at these incredibly beautiful balls of willow and check out
 the seed pod of the poppy
 made ​​of steel wire!


I had to make one myself!

Said and done ....
  I filled it with the moss and a spring flower.

 Not too bad! :)

I've had a day full of fun things to do .....
I've fixed the conservatory with putting the plants in new soil 
 and I made a bit of styling  among other plants.

.. and I have cleaned the store and guess what I found!

This is a small quilt I made several years ago after a trip to Barcelona
 and a visit to the Picasso Museum. 
 It has been missing since we moved but now it turned up in a forgotten box.

Great fun!

 It will probably turn up on the wall!

Happy Quilting!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Finish nr 3

It has been an incredibly lovely week off.
 As much as I did! .. including quilt and bound my New Wave. I have been thinking a lot about the pattern to quilt  and ended up in an organic pattern 
 as a contrast to the quilts design.

..the back...speeks for itself! are some details!
I have embroidered with red stitching to reinforce 
the line of the quilt.

When I started this quilt, the idea was that it would match our green sofa...ok, I think!
 It's nice to crawl under the the quilt chilly evenings...
  warm and cozy!

.........and it fits nicely in the deckchair in the
 conservatory as well :)

Well...there is more to tell...but another day!

Happy Quilting!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Scrap quilt

My scrap quilt has become bigger than I had in mind.
 It was so fun and liberating to sew a bit aimlessly and see how it would develop.
 I got carried away!!!!

The colors are  bright... and....reminding of spring :)

And it surely was a challenge to get the quilt not to become too messy .....!!!

....And what is it about spring and me?

I could'nt stop....I just had to put some coltsfoot on the quilt ... these wonderful spring flowers  
that soon will turn up in a sunny slope. :)

I got into trubble.......

 I sewed a bunch of blocks of different sizes without thinking that they would fit to sew together.
  Problem .. there it was!
At first I thought that it could be solved by cuttingt the blocks
 or sew on some strips to adjust the dimensions???

But ... then I decided to let it be as it was and assemble the quilt on a frame.
 Raw, rough edges became a detail that brought the quilt something extra.

Now there's another top ready to be quilted ...... the pile rising again!

I have also been working on the quilt with chairs.... piece by piece... slowly!  
I found some of words in magazines to match the quilt ...I'll see what I make of it?

It takes some more sewing before I can show it for you!

Happy Quilting!