Sunday, April 21, 2013

Garden inspiration

Last weekend I was at the garden show in Stockholm .... great fun and a big inspiration. 
What a lot of fun to make and grow!
 I enjoyed all installations of plants and environments. Colors and shapes endlessly :)

Look at these incredibly beautiful balls of willow and check out
 the seed pod of the poppy
 made ​​of steel wire!


I had to make one myself!

Said and done ....
  I filled it with the moss and a spring flower.

 Not too bad! :)

I've had a day full of fun things to do .....
I've fixed the conservatory with putting the plants in new soil 
 and I made a bit of styling  among other plants.

.. and I have cleaned the store and guess what I found!

This is a small quilt I made several years ago after a trip to Barcelona
 and a visit to the Picasso Museum. 
 It has been missing since we moved but now it turned up in a forgotten box.

Great fun!

 It will probably turn up on the wall!

Happy Quilting!


  1. Du, vilken underbar quilt som Du sytt inspirerad av Picasso! Den var helt fantastisk, tycker jag.


  2. It looks like you had great fun at the garden show - it's SO nice to finally see Spring blossoms. We are just beginning our Spring but this helps assure me that things will dry out, warm up and start to get green again. Thank you for a wonderful breath of fresh air!