Thursday, April 4, 2013

Scrap quilt

My scrap quilt has become bigger than I had in mind.
 It was so fun and liberating to sew a bit aimlessly and see how it would develop.
 I got carried away!!!!

The colors are  bright... and....reminding of spring :)

And it surely was a challenge to get the quilt not to become too messy .....!!!

....And what is it about spring and me?

I could'nt stop....I just had to put some coltsfoot on the quilt ... these wonderful spring flowers  
that soon will turn up in a sunny slope. :)

I got into trubble.......

 I sewed a bunch of blocks of different sizes without thinking that they would fit to sew together.
  Problem .. there it was!
At first I thought that it could be solved by cuttingt the blocks
 or sew on some strips to adjust the dimensions???

But ... then I decided to let it be as it was and assemble the quilt on a frame.
 Raw, rough edges became a detail that brought the quilt something extra.

Now there's another top ready to be quilted ...... the pile rising again!

I have also been working on the quilt with chairs.... piece by piece... slowly!  
I found some of words in magazines to match the quilt ...I'll see what I make of it?

It takes some more sewing before I can show it for you!

Happy Quilting!


  1. Wow! Your quilt is a colour explosion!!! Love it!!

  2. I love the gorgeous bright colors of your quilt and the raw edges adds texture to the quilt. Love it!

  3. Det är en fantastiskt ljus och fin scrapsquilt som Du sytt, tycker jag. Tygerna och färgerna är så vackra och "våraktiga", om man kan kalla dem det!


  4. Hi Margreth! This is my style of quilt! I haven't made anything like this and I love everything in your happy quilt! I'm waiting to see what you make with the texts - looks exiting! Have a great weekend! x Teje

  5. I just love it. So inspirational! I have decided that my favorite quilts are made with brights, so why am I working with something other than brights? I won't be. I am going to donate all my fabric that is not bright.


  7. Alldeles underbar! Den insprirerade mig, så jag har också ett "rutpussel" på gång. Men din är bara såååå fin - och tussilagon som pricken över i.