Monday, March 25, 2013

Lovely Winter!

Swedish winter at its best.
 Cold nights and sunny days with a couple of degrees below zero .... perfect for skiing.
 We went to Edsåsdalen, a small mountain village where you can easily get up on the mountain and to ski in a wonderful environment.

Halfway up the mountain, it's time to eat our packed lunch and then rest against the wall of a hut. So nice to sit there and enjoy the view.
 On the way, I found a small sign warning for moose!
 Huh .. I'll swerve if there is a moose?

Husband fixes the backpack and take a breather.... 
...while the wife tries to find a good camera angle.
...rather special!!!

Oops .... a crash .... then it might be just as well to linger a while
 and enjoy the view and philosophize a while.

Consequently, there hasn't been much sewing .....

.... but I have anyway sewed these blocks into a project
 with other quilters in Jämtkvilten.

...and soon it's Easter...:)

Happy Quilting!

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  1. Hello - always fun to peek into your lovely studio and see your wonderful creative work - but the outdoor photos, of snow on the mountain, spectacular! I really must get there someday, my Swedish heritage is pulling me there! Thank you for sharing!