Monday, March 18, 2013

What a mess!

What a mess ... maybe I can call it a creative touch
 but I don't know if that's entirely true.
 I have been working a lot in the studio this weekend
 and on several projects at the same time.

 An unusual way for me to work but quite liberating in some way.

..... but there are limits .. right?

Anyway the project where I work with my leftovers is progressing.
 I try to use even small pieces .. they can be sewn together!
That's the charm with scrap quilts, isn't it?

This is a part of it...... chair quilt is in progress too...

This one requires concentration and mind power ...phew ..
  considering options in design and colors .. discard and start over.
Then it's so liberating to take on the scrap quilt...

...but the quilt is emerging bit by bit.

In a corner lies a quilt ready to be quilted .... but I'm still not sure ...
... the soft organic forms or strict geometric .... hmmm?

Happy Quilting!


  1. Din scrapquilt är underbar!

  2. Hi Margreth, I just found your blog, and do glad I did! I just love the colors that you choose. I am most drawn to bright colors also. Your photography is so professional, too.

  3. Du har nog det mest rena och städade syrum jag nånsin sett. Även när det är som stökigast :-) Gillar verkligen din logcabin-variant. Heja!

  4. Such beauty and brightness in your quilts. I adore your sewing space even with its organized chaos ;) I just found you too after seeing your blog mentioned on Selfsewn.

  5. Glorious "mess" Margreth! Love all the happy colors.
    ; )

  6. Vilka underbara arbeten du gör!
    Jag blir lycklig av ditt färgval i scraps-logcabin -varianten!
    Tack för inspirationen och glädjen du ger här!

  7. I absolutely adore your leftover project - what a great idea! It is just beautiful.