Sunday, March 10, 2013

A great week!

This week has been all through a success!

 Everything I wished and planned for has come true.

Our children has been at home... 
I have been skiing a lot!
I've had time to spend quality time with my old parents.
I have planted about my flowers in fresh soil.
Some shopping....but no fabrics!
The weather has been great...sunny...cold...and snow.
and many hours in the studio!!! :)

I feel like......

Well rested and happy .. free from work .... then the urge to create something
 comes like a letter in the mail. 
The first thing I did was throw my project with chairs in the trash. 
Away with it!
 Leaving on a project where the inspiration has run out......
and up with new fresh fabrics and colors. :)

 It felt so good to start up again with new fresh eyes..... and now the pieces fall to place.......

 You get a little peek!

One day I was leafing through a magazine and saw this picture.

Dare to be dramatic.....
is in the image and on the floor is a carpet that gave me the idea.
 I have long thought it would be fun to do something of all the leftover pieces of fabric.
 I have a lot!!!!!!
 You have them too, I'm sure?
 So I poured out some of them on the floor and began to sew
 trying to take something in the pile without planning .. but that's not easy!

...........the first block.....

...and after a while...

This is a fun no strings attached way to sew .... full of playfulness among all colors.

We'll see where it carries away!!!

Happy Quilting!


  1. Ska bli väldigt kul att se hur det landar. Spännande att se slutresultatet.
    Härliga färger och det sprakar verkligen

  2. Va? Slängt stolarna i soporna? I övrigt låter allt vettigt :-) Härlig scarpssömnad!

  3. Both very beautiful projects! It's so great when the inspiration comes.

  4. Love your idea, can't wait to see your progress. Might have to do one for myself. Gayle