Sunday, August 28, 2011

Project Catwalk

Projekt Catwalk turned up a late evening when I had a long and slightly boring time.
 I was reading a book by Dalai Lama and I think his thoughts about how to become a happy person was a little bit complicated. after a while my brain started to "play".
An idea with modells...walking...standing... poseing... just poped up.

 Yes.....I grabbed a pen and started to draw.

Since then....

I've done some sketches and tried different lines and expression......I had to figure out how to make the blocks able to sew. 

Inspiration needed...... 

So I bought my very first fashion magazine ever.
Quite interesting!.....a new world for me!

.........and as it usually happens when you start a new project ..... you are without fabric ... must buy some more! :)

I found this lovely Kaffe Fasset fabrics...I couldn't resist!

Well... Today I've spent some time in the studio and tried my way....  this is how
 the first blocks looks.

A start anyway!

Pretty cheeky.........right?

Now I'm excited to continue.... but first.... down to Stockholm and run Tjejmilen.

That will be fun tooo:)

Happy Quilting!


  1. Härligt projekt! Ha så kul! // Jenny

  2. Wow, you have so many wonderful ideas!
    Good luck with the running!

  3. Verkligen kul idé! Det blev en jättebra början och det ska bli roligt och se det färdiga resultatet! Lycka till med löpningen!

  4. Som vanligt har du sådan härliga kreativa idéer och det är så roligt att se dem komma ut i något annorlunda..Man blir så glad av dem :) Lycka till med denna projekt och naturligtvis lycka till på tjejmilen..

  5. These are soooo fun! Good luck also with your running adventure. Wish I was sporty, like you...
    ; )

  6. Roooolig idé precis som med stolarna. jag gillar det jättemycket