Saturday, September 24, 2011

Lovely Fall

A trip to the mountins a beautiful shiny day in september. You have to take the opportunity when it appears. time..all colors...

When you are tired after a long walk, stop and have good packed lunch...and..
Just lay down in the soft moss.... and nothing...silence......
It fills your soul and body with power.

And of course, when a quilter is out....I see colors, shapes and all kind of surface that is a great inspiration.

Look at this ......

When I wandered around, I came to think of a quilt I made many years ago. An oldie, which is tucked away in a basket.
A quilt inspired by the colors in Fall and the mountins....

I found it...... among all the old quilts that I almost had forgotten....

Oh..that one...and that...:)

Here it is!

I can't remember what year I made this one.....too bad I didn't signe the quilt with the year.
 I have seen a lot of quilts in bloggs made in lovely Fall colors and sure I would like to start one...but how many quilts can you have going on????

Many! OK!

Happy Quilting!

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  1. Underbara foton och quilt!
    Jag börjar också fundera på hur många quiltar man kan ha, det börjar bli trångt!