Sunday, October 16, 2011

Remember me?

There's a long time ago...several weeks and I'm still going strong.I fill my days with the most fun and interest things. Such as painting walls in the garage... preparing the garden for the winter.....meeting of course......but unfortunately very little done in the studio.
But there is nothing that stop me from thinking and planning while doing everything else:)

So I have been thinking about a trip to Barcelona a few years ago when I was inspired by Picasso himself visiting the museum. What a fantastic museum!  I walked around in there and my brain started create. I saw potential in shapes and a playful way.

Back home I started and surched a way to make a picture with textile paint and fabrics.
I painted, applicated and printed.

I made a pillow!

...and I also made a small quilt that is missing!!!!!
How I have been looking.....I'm sure that I find it some day in a box that haven't been unpacked since we mowed to this house.
I show it to you some day!


Well, some days I dream...... about being able to make great painting ......hmm no talent.... but I can play with colors and always learn something!

Colors.....I had some fabrics in the mail yesterday.....lovely ones.
 Now it's time to sew again!

Look at the painting that shows a mountain village in Provence ...lovely colors..most inspiring! 

Happy Quilting!

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  1. Vilken häftig kudde!
    Jag var i Barcelona i april i år och har en bunt vykort från Picassomuseet att inspireras av. Har dock inte tänkt på att sy nånting men du väckte tanken!
    Gunilla B.