Thursday, August 18, 2011

A new project

Full of energy and inspiration I took some time to explore whether my idea and
my design would work out.
My sketch is very simple and an overall picture of the quilt is missing!
But when you're impatient, it's only to get started! must wait to see the whole block.......I have to work on it....

It suddenly sewing machine gave up!!!

It has never happend to me before...I get nuts.

Sooo...what to do now?

Ok, the forest is full of cranberries....out we go!

Me and my daugther Sofie picked 10 l .....great was louds of berries! :)

I had my sewing machine back today. :)

I can sew again! :)


1 comment:

  1. Åh nej... mitt i det kreativa ... tur att den fort var lagad..:O) Har varit härligt att kika igenom sommarens poster hos dig.. alltid lika spännande... och såklart ser jag fram emot att kika mer på vad du nu håller på med..;o)
    Lycka till!!