Friday, June 29, 2012


Thanks to Jette Clover and Katriina Flensburg for a great workshop and weekend at Quiltakademin. A lot of new knowledge and inspiration! Good food and lovely compani!
Soo, how did it turn out?

We started out with experiment in collage. We used paper, cutting, tearing and folding to make collage in several sizes. Then we  discussed our layout and worked again to improve the composition. A very useful exercise to explore the elements of design
 and improve your skill to see and create interesting compositions.

One of the things I learnt was ¨less is more¨....I have a bad habbit of taking in to much!! Fabric...paints....colors...

I love it!  

 We worked with textile paints in a playful way 
putting my personal expression in fabrics. 
Just go for it! 

Much fun! :)

Next step was exploring the techniques such as mono printing, gelatine printing 
and how to transfer paper to fabrics.

Great fun!

I had some decorating magazines and I kind of like chairs!

Soo...this was my theme!


This is paper transfered to different own designed fabrics.

Now when I have learnt some of the techniques the real work starts!

First of all..... continue to experiment and find my own way to use the techniq.

How can this technique make my quilts more "talking" and interesting in a personal way?

Well.....there's some work to be done!

Happy Quilting!

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  1. Very interesting...looks sooo much fun....have been so curious about it for it will be fun to see what you come up with... Have fun playing...:0)