Sunday, October 17, 2010

Roundabout dogs

Oh...where did this week go? Sometimes time flies faster than my quiltangel and I've not been in the studio for several days. But...I bought fabrics to four quilts to be bound!
                                               FOUR.....QUILTS to finish. PUUUH..

Today I have been washing windows...befor snow comes! Not so I thought about funnier things climbing to reach my high windows.......quilts and design ideas.

I remeber some years ago when artists were making dogs to decorate roundabouts. I saw a feature on tv....
.....thinking.....why not sew dogs?  Sooo.. here you go!

                                                                       SOME DETAILS!

                                                       's a Picasso!!!!

In that time we had been to Barcelona visiting our daugter....and Picasso museum. A fantastic exhibition....
and of course.....more inspiration. The dog got a picture..a Picasso dog!

 I made some other stuff you later on! Travelling is a very good idea when you need inspiration!

                                                                                                              TAKE CARE! // Margreth


  1. What a great quilt! So fun and pretty. Love your mixed media...
    I have also been to the Picasso museum in Barcelona. You're right, it's fantastic!

  2. Haha, den hade jag inte sett förut, snyggt =)

  3. Här är det också full fart på kreativiteten, jag har kommit igång med stickningen, Sophia har börjat brodera igen och så håller vi på med ett gemensamt projekt, en julklapp till någon lyckligt lottad =)