Sunday, August 29, 2010

A new project!

YES! I managed to spend a great deal of time in the studio today. I love makes me feel the FLOW....
I  finished a top..a present..and started a new project.

CHAIRS.......I like chairs...all kinds of chairs. One day when I was running this idea came chairs!
It's one of many ideas that ¨pops up¨ when I'm's great running.

This is my first block. How does it look? I don't know what the progress is...I have to think about it during the week. was fun, fun to sew..there is more to come, be sure of that!
I want every chair to look individual..shape..expression..color.
 My way to make the block is..     FUN AND EASY!


  1. Lovely block! It reminds me of "Bambi on ice". Maybe they all will have different personalities? Have fun playing!
    ; )

  2. Fantastic ...:o)) Cant wait to see chair number two..:O))