Saturday, August 14, 2010


I talked to a dear quilt friend this morning. It was a long time ago, Louise D ! She said one thing......( among others) ... - I like angels, you know! And so do I.
So...... later on I took a deep look in my stack of quilts and found some old treasures.
Oh, this one... and this....I remember.
Many years ago my work took almost all my energi and I had no strength left to sew. I think this quilt was the only one for almost two years!!!! I must have had something in my mind when I made this one.

                                                             HAVE A LOOK!

Fortunately I have been sewing a lot since then! Angels with several expression and style.

This is more like hmm.... whacky angels.


                                                              Sort of romantic ones!

Thank you Louise D for the inspiration!

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