Friday, August 6, 2010


RED COTTAGES is quilted and bound! 

It is a fantastic feeling and relief when you can put it up on the wall and study the result. It's a bit of a process to decide when it's ready. More quilting? Embroydery? Embellishment? Another color in that part...hmmmmm.

 Well, I's finished!

The quilt is send to the Swedish Quilt Association, Rikstäcket,  to be photographed for next years almanac.
That's an honor!

Here are some details!

I used embroydery thread in the mashine to highlight shapes in the design.

When I sew a quilt like this I make a rough sketch of the design. I deside color theme and then make some drawings of houses. 

 I start cutting!  I build the quilt .......     I think it is very amusing and fun to work freely!

And surely  it makes the quilt personal!

You can see a little of the process at my blogg post 16 of  june!


  1. Absolutely FANTASTIC!!!!! :o) Love it!! ..... love all the details in your quilt.. well done Margreth!!

  2. Thank you Stina!
    I,m happy you like it!

  3. Alltid något som överraskar och det är så kul att se dina konstverk. Vill se dom också i verkligheten.
    Kram Louise D

  4. Wow! This is probably your best quilt ever! the colors are really amazing. Hugs from two proud daughters

  5. this is SO DELIGHTFUL!!! happiness leaps from the quilt! well done!

  6. Fantastic quilt! How big is it?
    I love everything about it! Congratulations on having it photographed for a calendar. I would put it on the front page...

    ; )

  7. Hugs to you, my lovely daughters!

  8. Hello,I just found your blog and I love your work, especially this happy house quilt! Love the colors, how it glows with sunshine! Also, excited to find a quilter from Sweden, as I am of Swedish heritage. Happy quilting!

  9. Hej!
    vilken fantastik quilt! Blir glad av den!! Är det OK att jag lägger ut en bild på min blogg och länkar till din? Undrar Jenny

  10. Vilken härlig kvilt! jag gillar Dina sneda hus, tog en kurs för många år sedan på Frösön och har en liten fin kvilt med egna sneda hus!