Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sew-work out!

It's too frezing cold to what to do. I need my work out!
Soo how....
I have a great idea!
My Pilates ball!
I got it for Christmas from my daughter ... she knows what a mother needs!

Said and done .. and it worked really really well! To sew while practicing your inner muscles and stabilize the body works. 

I recommend you to try it!

....and a bit pushups!

......a  little situps .... puh ... and then you can sit at the sewing machine for a while again.
Then some training .......and so on!

Go for it!

Happy Quilting


  1. haha, heja mamma! Du är Stensgårdsvägens egna Susanne Lanefelt minus trikåerna. ;) Gillar hur catwalken artar sig och den nya du kallar new wave är jättehäftig! kram på dig.

  2. Hej! Jag tror jag måste skaffa en Pilatesboll jag också ;)

  3. Oj, jag stavade fel..