Sunday, February 13, 2011

A golden oldie!

              Saturday....great weather...sunny...and a lot of snow. We went for a rather long ski trip.
                                  Then good food, a glas of wine and then...good night.      
                                           This spring fever makes me CRACY!

Well... Today I figured out that if I work sustaining all day without resting then I have to stay awake. 
                          Such as....baking bread...  the laundry....clean the house...iron....and...
                                            Puh..makes me tired just writing about it!

                        Yes,... I did all this and more......and I'm still  awake and spirited. :)

         When I was cleaning the floor in the entrance I saw some old quilts laying on the wardrobe. Well...I had to shake the dust off. Doing that I discovered that I made the quilt with tulips 17 years ago!
                                                       That's a golden oldie!!
                              The tough angel is made by Stina...Kviltstina. I just love it! :)

 I was cleaning the Studio too....a lot of threads, fabrics and dust.....and as every time I go there I make
                                 plans. Maybe I start cutting my Kaffe Fasset fabrics this evening.....

                                                          Provided I don't fall asleep!   



  1. It still is a very pretty spring quilt! 17 years sure goes fast! I remember when it was new....

  2. Lovely tulips - just the right flower for the season. Longing for spring here too. I am sure playing with some Kaffe Fassett can help you stay awake a bit. We all need some color this time of the year!
    ; )

  3. Love the tulip quilt... Oldies or not...:0)
    Fun to see the Angel again... Yours is the best I made...:0)
    And one more thing ... I long for SPRING too...way to cold up here!